Inspired by Nature, Enabled by Science®

We are leading the way in developing green, enabling biotechnology and nanotechnology drug delivery platforms, and enhanced therapeutic products for health maintenance, disease prevention and the treatment of certain cancers, infectious diseases and CNS disorders such as Alzheimer’s Disease.

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Taking Nature’s Wisdom To a Higher Level®

Using advanced scientific techniques, we are improving drug delivery, accelerating the drug discovery and manufacturing process, removing harmful pathogens from biologics and the human blood supply and working to provide a viable biofuel solution for the future.

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Developing Natural Solutions for Human Health®

We are developing enhanced therapeutics for treating cancers and their side-effects, infectious diseases such as HIV and Influenza, and CNS disorders. We also manufacture quality-of-life medicines for health maintenance, research chemicals for standards, APIs for pharmaceuticals and equipment for our enabling technology platforms.

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Partnering for the Future of Human Health®

We are seeking partners and investors to further the development and utilization of our enabling technology platforms and enhanced therapeutic products. We are interested in working with individuals and companies dedicated to improving quality of life, maintaining health and treating unmet medical needs.

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What We Do

President & CEO Dr. Trevor P. Castor talks about the company and its prostate cancer program.
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Dr Trevor Castor

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Recent Highlights

Aphios Corporation announced that it and the LSU Health Shreveport Department of Molecular & Cellular Physiology have been granted a patent for the use of the marine pharmaceutical ‘Bryostatin-1’ as an additive to organ transport and storage solutions.  More >