Aphios has developed SuperFluids™ (supercritical, near-critical or critical fluids with or without polar cosolvents) technologies and designed specialized equipment for the discovery and manufacturing of natural pharmaceuticals such as the anticancer drugs paclitaxel and bryostatin, nanotechnology drug delivery of proteins, siRNA and hydrophobic small molecules, and the pathogenic safety of human plasma and monoclonal antibodies.

We have also developed SuperFluids™ technologies and designed specialized equipment for microbial cell disruption, crystallization of natural products and lipophilic peptides, and biomass pretreatment for the manufacture of biofuels and biochemicals.

SuperFluids™ CXP Semi-Works

A process flow diagram (PFD) of a SuperFluids™ CXP semi-works plant is shown below with specifications and the actual plant:

Equipment CXP-Semi-Works-Process-Flow-Diagram sm Equipment Specifications-of-CXP-Semi-Works-Plant-Table sm Equipment CXP-Semi-Works-Plant

SuperFluids™ Research-Scale, Pilot-Scale and Commercial Units

We will custom design and construct research-scale, pilot-scale and semi-works and commercial-scale units for your evaluation and utilization. We will also provide service and maintenance contracts for the equipment and provide employee training during the technology transfer phase, which will include operating and maintenance manuals.

We will custom design units listed in the table below; follow the links for further information on the enabling technology platform.

Technology Platform Acronym Research Pilot Commercial

Drug Discovery

CXF Equipment Check    

Drug Manufacturing

CXP Equipment Check Equipment Check Equipment Check

Protein Nanoparticles

PNP Equipment Check Equipment Check  

Polymeric Nanospheres

PNS Equipment Check Equipment Check Equipment Check

Phospholipid Nanosomes

CFN Equipment Check Equipment Check Equipment Check

Drug Safety
(Pathogen Inactivation)

CFI Equipment Check Equipment Check  

Microbial Cell Disruption

CFD Equipment Check Equipment Check  


CRY Equipment Check Equipment Check  

Biomass Pretreatment

CBP Equipment Check Equipment Check Equipment Check

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